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Tigernuts (Skinned)

Our hook bait Tigernuts are prepared with precision and a perfect blend of particle preservatives, salts, sweetener and flavors that has proven themselves over a decade to be powerful carp attracting substances.
We especially concentrate on keeping the good stuff in and adding minerals and vitamins to optimize the pulling power that the tigernut has.

Liquid foods
The ultimate fish feeding stimulant range! Our liquid food range is a must for every angler. Whether you are fishing with particles, boilies or mieliebom, this product is perfect for all applications. This PVA friendly product is the closest you will come to the carp’s natural food source. We only use the finest natural extracts, together with added minerals, vitamins, minamino, amino acids, predigested hydrolysates and  natural appetite stimulants with addictive properties, it can almost be called A boilie in a bottle, for that reason.
This product can also be used as bait gluggs and used with stick mixes.